Waxing Poetic | Brave Light Necklace

Whether you are going through a challenge (and who isn’t going through something?) and need to remember, or just wish to bolster your already brave constitution, our Brave Light pendant brings it: light. One of our favorite and most fabulous fidgets, this brass spinner pendant features a sweet shock of clear crystal grounded by mother-of-pearl rays, with this truthful reminder engraved on the back: Braver than I look. Because your capable self is.

Brass, Sterling Silver, Crystal & Mother of Pearl

Chain: In formalist poetry, structure is as important as content – it helps shape meaning. In Morse Code, the silence in between sounds is as important as the sounds themselves (paying attention to both is crucial to decipher a message). Likewise, Linea’s pattern is potent, and its form quite freeing. Entirely handmade and deeply felt, each necklace is composed of thin, rectangular, flat-hammered brass and sterling silver segments that connect to a center brass charm clip just waiting to be decked with charms. Perfectly fitting worn unadorned.

Ceramic Coated Brass & Sterling Silver