Oventure | The Hook Me Up Crossbody - Braided

Make any phone case handsfree with our NEW! Braided Hook Me Up Crossbody! A more casual version of our bestselling Crossbody Chain, the Braided Crossbody is a lightweight (and super comfortable) companion for easy, breezy, daily use. 

The Hook Me Up Crossbody has a reinforced PVC base, ultra-strong adhesive, and a unique swiveling mechanism so you can always catch a call (or leave it hanging) while wearing your phone and other essentials handsfree. Not only is the Crossbody functional, durable, and O sO cute, it’s simple to use, too. Just peel it, stick it, clip it, and you’ve got a handsfree life hub.

Key Features:

  • Make Your Cell Phone Hands-Free -  Comes with the Hook Me up Phone Connector which easily converts your phone into a crossbody accessory.
  • One-Size-Fits-Most- Compatible with most size and brand of phone case.
  • Durable - Made of a no-nonsense, coated nylon that’s water resistant and fray-proof and PVC phone tab.
  • Charger-Friendly- The Hook Me Up has a slim profile, so you can easily use a plug-in or wireless charger at the same time.
  • Stackable - The Hook Me Up Crossbody is designed to play nice with Oventure wallets and pouches