The Oyster Bed | Parrain's Shaker

1 Shaker of Parrain's Cajun Butter Seasoning.

This is Parrains…..The Godfather of Seasoning. 

Rooted in the culture of south Louisiana, this blend was inspired by a lifetime of flavor exploration to create a unique, yet distinctly familiar flavor by combining the classic ingredient’s found in the cajun holy trinity with hints of smokiness, gentle heat and carefully measured elements of creole.

Use as a base for grilling oysters, shrimp, steak, vegetables and more!



  • 1 - 4.96 Oz Shaker of Parrain's Cajun Butter Seasoning


Compound Butter Recipe: 

(Makes enough for 2 dozen oysters)

Mix 1/4 cup seasoning with 1/4 cup beer/water to rehydrate ingredients. Melt/Soften 2 sticks of salted butter and mix together. 

* Each shaker contains enough for four - 1/4cup servings.