Byrdeen | Mezxlada Handblown Champagne Flute Glass Set of 4


We are Byrdeen Champagne Flutes, and were made to graciously deliver the finest bubbly to your lips. A little bit about us…we had a fiery start to life. We were born in a furnace as a hot glob of crystal. Our curators molded us by hand into what we’ve become today. We are made of fine handblown, lead-free crystal, crafted individually by a human. Because of our delicate nature, please only wash us by hand. We also clean up very nicely and look amazing when free of water spots and smudges. We tend to impress your friends and you will likely get compliments on us. Cheers!

  • Handblown Lead-Free Crystal
  • Set of 4
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Wine Glass: 14oz (400mL) Capacity - H: 24cm  W: 7.5cm
  • Stemless Cocktail: 14oz (400mL) Capacity - H: 9cm  W: 9.5cm
  • Flutes: 7oz (200mL) Capacity - H: 24cm  W: 7.5cm