Adventures with Dad - Being a Father is Childs Play

 Kenny Deuss, the man behind the humorous Instagram account "On adventure with Dad", makes his 400k followers laugh every week with hilarious photos about fatherhood

  • The perfect Father's Day gift or new father gift

Alone every Tuesday with his newborn daughter, Kenny Deuss fielded frequent requests from his partner, Tineke, for photos of the baby when she was away from home. His series of hilariously Photoshopped images of the baby in mock perilous situations began with teasing photographs that showed just how "safe" the baby was. Currently, people from all over the world follow Kenny's adventures with his (now 2) daughters Alix and Aster through his Instagram account “On Adventure with Dad.” In this book he bundles his best photos, supplemented with a large number of never-before-seen images. He also includes 'tips' for dads and dads-to-be with a large dose of his typical dry humor.