Super Pepper Spray - Rainbow Glow

BLINGSTING Pepper Spray is police-approved, non-lethal personal protection. With a swipe-safety lock to prevent misfires, a 12-foot spray range with UV dye, it's cute enough to carry everywhere.

  • MAX LEGAL STRENGTH - lab tested 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids (MC); one of the highest concentrations in the category
  • 12-FOOT RANGE - point & spray a direct stream up to 12-feet with 12-15 shot bursts per 1/2 ounce canister
  • UV MARKING DYE - burning hot formulation includes an ultraviolet dye that stains the attacker for police identification
  • SWIPE SAFETY LOCK - swipe left to secure the safety lock and prevent misfires; compact and safe to carry on keychains and purses
  • PRETTY POWERFUL - self-defense accessories designed by women for women

Dad approved but this is not your dad's pepper spray! BLINGSTING is for you, your best friend, your mom, your mom’s best friend, every girl, woman, and person! Our collective mission is to get safety accessories onto the keychains of every ‘girl’ in America!