"If I Had A Little Dream", by Nina Laden, illus. by Melissa Castrillon

Illustrator Castrillon debuts with a splash, imagining a world enclosed in a riot of lush, filigreed leaves and flowers, dyed with the warm colors of sunset and the blue of Chinese porcelain. Laden (Are We There Yet?) writes in the voice of a girl who dances, bicycles, and dreams her way through scenes that picture her wishes for a house, boat, dog, siblings, and more: “If I had a little garden,/ I would name it Whole./ Whole would be filled/ with roots and seeds,/ and feed my heart and soul.” At bedtime, the girl’s mother cradles her in her arms and tells her, “If I had a little dream,/ I would name it You./ You would make life magical,/ where wishes do come true.”