A spectacular eight-pointed 14K golden star glistens from the lure of a luminous crystal. There comes a time in every journey when we could use a sign. Confirmation or indication of which direction to travel; to start or stop a quest; when to set out or turn back. A promise for the future, a small glimpse of what’s ahead, these beacons are needed most beneath the grand panorama of a dark night, upon rough seas or during turbulent times. Our only hope of moving forward, or returning home, is to spot a guiding light. No destination can be reached without a sense of direction, but even when we know the way at the beginning of the journey, it takes continually looking up at our guiding star to keep us on track. Whether it is the inspiration to venture beyond yourself, or to lead you home again, may our Guiding Star Charm brighten your path.



Gold Plated Brass and Crystal