How It Works: 

A traditional diffuser plugs into the wall and uses electricity to turn on, heat up, and diffuse scented oils through the water within the body. Our diffusers are different because they don't use heat, which is known to burn and block a lot of the benefits that aromatherapy oils have to offer. Rather, it uses ultrasonic vibrations to diffuse them without the use of heat. In turn, the customers receive all the intended benefits of said oil. 

Why It Works: 

The main reason our ultrasonic diffusers are a cut above the competition is that they revolutionize the way we diffuse our oils. This diffuser isn’t just a vessel for fragrances, it celebrates oils and their benefits, and ensures that the customer gets the most out of them. 


  • Easy to Use
  • 100 ML 
  • Eliminates Fire Hazards
  • Available in White or Gray