Zodax AG Opal Glass Candle - Lemon Peel, Lavender, Tarragon

Infuse a luxury fine fragrance and light into your home with this lovely candle. Its elegant glass jar design with seal stamp makes it an ideal accent for any decor. Add an aroma of a relaxing scent to your room with this luxurious candle that leaves your home smelling warm and earthy. • A tangy sweet scent • Reusable glass jar • Gorgeous, speckled design with hand pressed wax seal • Wax weight: 1418 g/ 50.02 oz • Burn time: 150 hours

Country of Origin: United States
  • 1-Wick Scented Jar Candle - 11 oz
  • 3-Wick Scented Jar Candle  - 50 oz